Scotland’s Becoming Like Belarus

Wake up Scotland. Your rights are being eroded right in front of your eyes.


We’ve all got our own favourite horror stories about flying with Ryanair, but being suddenly diverted to Minsk after the plane has been effectively hijacked by Belarusian security agents takes the biscuit. What should most disturb us in Scotland is why this happened – to capture a blogger who’s been a fierce critic of President Alexander Lukashenko. While there has been nothing close to such state-sponsored terror in this country, the Scottish blogosphere (and Twittersphere) is becoming dangerous territory – for much the same reason as in Belarus. We’re ruled by a regime clearly determined to crush forthright dissent or even politically incorrect mutterings. Sturgeon’s Scotland is close to a semi-police state in which victims of malicious prosecutions by state prosecutors can find themselves sleeping for almost a week on a concrete cell floor.

According to fellow passengers, Roman Protasevich appeared “super-scared” as he was hustled off Flight FR4978. We…

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