Welcome to Foucault World Suckers!

Random Public Journal

By Roger Anderson

BACK IN THE 1980s, as a student, I was introduced to the work of the French postmodernist philosopher Michel Foucault. My lecturer contrasted him with Enlightenment philosopher Charles Fourier, a utopian Socialist thinker who argued that in a perfect world the sea would lose its salinity and become pure lemonade — because everything would be so perfect. A bit crazy you might think, but wait until you meet Michel Foucault!

This atomised and idiosyncratictruthis actually all that matters, and anyone telling you that it’s nonsense is oppressing you by forcing their own version of reality on you.

Foucault, often viewed as the father of the Queer Theory which underpins the issues around gender we now grapple with, didn’t believe in anything as mundane as actual lemonade seas, he didn’t believe in any sort of objective reality at all. No, if you think the…

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