This should be read by everyone in the Yes community. It’s just common sense to play the ball as it lies.

Random Public Journal

By Eva Comrie

THE PAST YEAR and more has been dark and painful for most where the dreadful but normal experiences of life have been so difficult to endure; illness, death and funerals devoid of touch, the ability to console, hug and comfort surrendered as we feared infection and our own mortality. Those days when we feel the greatest need to come together we were obliged to stand aloof with chests and chins stuck out, bravely pretending we could conquer all.

And so as several of my dearest relatives were breathing their last a shock came upon me – the knowledge that my own deathbed might have me narrating tales of regret for all those things I’d never done, all those times I’d criticised others, thought I might know better, but was too cowardly, embarrassed or maybe too Scottish to try. You can’t in all conscience shout at the…

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