Labour must embrace radical change on independence


This is a piece I wrote for The Sunday Times 14:8:16  

Two major British institutions confirmed last week, albeit subconsciously, they consider Scotland a separate country with its own distinct politics.

One was the BBC, the other the Labour party.

There was no official announcement or statement from either. Rather it was everyday behaviour that reflects how people down south now view Scotland.

In Brexit: The Battle for Britain on BBC last Monday, Scotland was posted missing from the battle. Its absence was not some metropolitan oversight, but tacit acknowledgement Scotland had a fought a different battle with a different result and it was up to Scotland to analyse it.

Meanwhile Scotland’s irrelevance in the Labour leadership campaign, unthinkable five years ago, was encapsulated in a throwaway remark by Dave Anderson, shadow Scottish secretary (an English MP, if anyone needs reminding).

When asked about the next election Anderson said…

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